May 20, 2008

Labour: big, fat, and crap

More authoritarian bullshit from the giant gaping arsehole that is the Labour government. This time they are:

considering a central database of all UK communications data including times and durations of phone calls, emails and internet access for every British citizen

Spyblog has the details and as much as I hate the EU this is not their fault (this time) it was Labour that was the prime mover the creation of this directive and was using the EU as a democracy by-pass mechanism, not the first time they have tried this trick. The EU directive that our provincial government in London will blame was only issued in 2005, and they had already put place all the privacy shredding structures needed to comply with it because of the RIP Act of 2000, before 7/7, before 9/11, but after the IRA ceasefire. So bollocks both their claims of "I didn't want to the bastards forced me," or "It's all because of terrorism. Fear, little proles, fear". No, this is simply another attack in the continuing War on Civil Liberties that Labour has been waging ever since they got into office to feed their insatiable need for power and control.

This new giant centralised communications database would go along with their giant centralised medical record database, their giant centralised DNA database, their giant centralised identity database, and their giant centralised movement database, which could well go nationwide anytime soon. These giant databases to go with the extensive warrantless snooping powers that they gave to just about everybody through the RIP Act and its extensions. All of which probably have as much security as the giant centralised medical student database

Notice the pattern developing?

Another example of this instinctive need to draw everything into huge inefficient lumps can be seen in their treatment of one of the only bits of the Last Bastion of Communism that actually works, the GP practice. Unlike with the plague pit hospitals with their Alice in Wonderland accounting the GPs get on with serving their patients as best they can despite the system that they are forced to negotiate around. The only time that you really hear anything bad about them is times like when the bureaucrats in Whitehall made that complete cock up by underestimating the amount extra work they put in over and above what is expected so that the bureaucrats thought they needed to offer a huge bribe in order to get them to produce the pointless statistics that bureaucrats love so much. This is probably because the GP service is made up of small practices run privately by the doctors themselves. GPs are hard working, efficient, parts of their local communities. Obviously Labour weren't going to stand for that forever where they?

George Monbiot seems to be the only person to have picked this up so you have to look through his obsession with pinning everything on our eeeeevil reptilian multinational corporate overlords, and there it is again. Labour is forcing pointless centralisation onto a system that is working perfectly well for absolutely no reason and the result is going to be far far worse than what was there before. The eeeeevil reptilian multinational corporate overlords will be the ones running these things (badly), but that is more because they are the only ones that can deal with the increased bureaucracy that will result since they themselves have so much of it already. However they did not create the idea, they are just after the easy money that Labour's centralised scheme offers. It is Labour that decided to trash a work system because of their obsession that big is always better.


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